When the Unexpected Happens

Nightmare house cleaning situations can happen when you least expect them.

PEOPLE_muddy-siblingsA parents worse cleaning nightmare. Mom gets busy with something in another room and thinks her little darlings are playing quietly in their rooms. Maybe too quietly … and upon investigating finds this gut wrenching nightmare waiting for her. Flour strewn all over the living room, chocolate sauce smeared on the wood floor, walls and doors, pets shred the trash all over the house …

Accidents happen, children happen, pets happen. When you are on the verge of losing your mind and want your sanity back, here’s what you need to do:

  • CALL US! For an additional fee and many helping hands, you can get your sanity back. Take a break, we’ll clean and you’ll have your clean house back when you return home.
  • CLEAN UP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and then CALL US! For less of a fee, we can do the final touches and deeper cleaning to help you save money and give you that break that you need from getting this job started.
  • CLEAN IT UP YOURSELF … and here’s what we suggest to help you get started
    • Here’s the tools you’ll need:
      • vacuum
      • rags
      • bucket
      • water
      • upholstery steam cleaner 
    • STEPS
      • First thing to do is to get as much of the loose flour picked up as possible. This will require your vacuum
      • Give your kids a bath
      • Wipe down the easier surfaces first, glass, woodwork, etc.
      • Don’t try to rub the flour or syrup off of your couch with a wet cloth – you’ll need an upholstery cleaner for this – save this step for the last thing you do. OR … CALL AN UPHOLSTERY CLEANING COMPANY.


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